EPISODE 016, Learn Mind Changing Sales Strategies from Howard Glancy, the British Answer to Tony Robbins

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EPISODE 016, Learn Mind Changing Sales Strategies from Howard Glancy, the British Answer to Tony Robbins

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Howard Glancy is jokingly known as “The British answer to Tony Robbins….but without the swearing.” He is the owner of the “Mind Change” course, a training course for sales leaders who want to reach their true potential in life.

On this podcast, Howard talks about his career as a sales leader and gives insights into how sales professionals can implement mind changing strategies to be more successful.

The Mind Change course was born out of years of research into how Champions and super successful people get to where they are in life. NOT SURPRISINGLY THEY THINK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE REST OF HUMANITY.

Fortunately about 5 % or simply put 1 in 20 people do this. The good news is therefore that the odds of becoming successful are greater than most people imagine.

They all focus on what they want and have discovered ways of subconsciously making their brain become aware of all the situations and opportunities to help them achieve their goals.

Mind Change has captured these techniques so that most people can use simple tools to copy what they do and achieve everything that they genuinely desire in their lives.

This is not opinion IT IS FACT.


For 15 years Howard Glancy has trained thousands of people to achieve their true potential and break away from the shackles of their comfort zones.

Once someone starts to use the thinking strategies laid out in Mind Change you allow yourself to be lifted from the crowd as your right subconscious mind makes you aware of all the possibilities to reach your goals.

No such thing as coincidence your mind takes you wherever you think!

Listen to the podcast now to see how you learn from Howard to take your sales career to the next level.

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