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Institute for Excellence in Sales Co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top business-to-business sales leaders about their sales journey, career highlights, mentors, and lessons learned while asking them to offer tips to help emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers. It's a great podcast for sales leaders, young sales professionals and anyone who sells to subscribe to. Great stories, implementable tips and powerful lessons.

Many of the shows feature interviews with Women in Sales leaders at companies such as Hilton, Salesforce, and Oracle. Institute for Excellence in Sales program director Gina Stracuzzi hosts those interviews. Gina was named by Demandbase as one of the 100 most powerful women in sales.

About the Hosts

Fred Diamond is an engaging, energetic sales professional who spent time as an in-demand party DJ when he started his career. This experience, coupled with his rich experience as a senior marketing and sales professional at Apple, Compaq, and as a consultant to hundreds of high-growth software and tech firms, bodes well for an exceptional interviewing experience. As Co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales (IES), he's interviewed thousands of sales professionals about their career always seeking tips from them to pass on to IES partners and leaders to help them get better at the art and science of professional sales.

He is the author of Insights for Sales Game Changers and Love, Hope, Lyme: What Family Members, Partners, and Friends Who Love a Chronic Lyme Survivor Need to Know.

Gina Stracuzzi is the director for the Institute for Excellence in Sales Women in Sales programs. She is the cofounder of the IES Women in Sales Leadership Forum and is the chairperson for the annual Women in Sales Leadership Elevation Conference. She's been named one of the 100 most powerful women in sales by DemandBase and Women in Sales for 2022 and 2023. Her career includes wide variety of national and international sales, business development, and PR positions across many different industries and geographies. Watch for Gina’s upcoming book, "Insights for Women in Sales Game Changers," due out this Fall.

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