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Adobe Public Sector Sales Leader Bill Donellan Shares Three Ways He Coaches His Team to Bring Unique Value to Their Customers

Speaker and Author of "Figure out how to make yourself meaningful to your customer. Make them want to call you, as you add value to their life. They’ll call you, commerce will take place, you’ll make your number, and their problems will be solved.”

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Art Sobczak Says Sales Professionals Are Doing Customers a Disservice By Not Doing This Right Now

Art says, "If you believe in what you have and there are people that could take advantage of it, you are actually doing a disservice to people by not being a strong sales professional. The world needs professional salespeople, especially right now, to lead and they need to hear your message."

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Ingram Micro Public Sector Leader Tony Celeste Gives Fresh Ideas How to Stop 2021 Distractions from Slowing Down Your Sales Efforts

Tony says, "Have a growth mindset. Go learn something new that’s going to help you help others, whether that’s a cross-functional peer, a peer in your organization or your customers. Seek out mentors who can help you do these things.”

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SentinelOne Government Sales Leader Patty Trexler Lists Five Insights that Have Guided Her Business Career

Patty says, "It’s really important for women in sales to take time for yourself. That’s what I try to remind myself of every day when I’m in my 6th or 7th hour of Zoom – that’s when you do your best work. Some exercise, a walk with a friend or connecting with someone that I know needs me.”

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Datasite Global Sales Leader Todd Albright Says These Four Things are Critical for Sales to Do Now to Be Successful

Todd says, "Nothing will ever supplant or replace hustle and humility when it comes to being a successful seller. That hustle is staying vigilant day in and day out. You haver to put in the cycle time. If you put in the process and you’re disciplined about it, good things will happen.”

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Diligent Global Sales Chief Trevor Vale Lists Three Fresh Strategies to Lead Sales Teams Beyond the Pandemic

Trevor says, "In sales, you must be prepared to handle pressure. If you’re not confident, it’s not the career for you. You must be confident when you’re winning and most importantly when you’re failing. If you’re not believing in yourself you’re not going to inspire anyone to purchase from you.”

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Introvert Edge Author Matthew Pollard Details How Crisp Storytelling Can Lead to Sales Recovery as Re-Opening Accelerates

Matthew says, "People remember 22 times more info when it’s embedded into a story which makes it so much easier to sell. Take time to write a story, perfect it, learn it and then actually put the skill into action and you’ll see a transformation in your sales results.”

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Hear How IBM Sales Development Leader Rakhi Voria is Helping Women in Sales Take Their Careers to New Heights

Rakhi says, "Map out your short- and long-term goals and think about what you need to get there.  I’m getting all of these different experiences and I encourage people to think about what you want your long term goal to be and how you want to fill your tool belt.”

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Economic Development Leader Victor Hoskins Details the Monumental Sales Effort that Brought Amazon’s HQ2 to Northern Virginia

Victor Hoskins describes in detail the sales process that brought Amazon HQ2 to Northern Virginia. It's a classic sales process exercise that required planning, creativity, teamwork and effective communications. So many sales lessons!

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Monumental Sports & Entertainment President Jim Van Stone Offers Engagement Strategies For Sports Sales Professionals to Prepare for Arena and Event Re-Opening

Jim says, "This is the time to qualify and quantify your stretch goals and look at them with fresh eyes. Don’t be burdened by past norms; it’s a clean slate. Trying to fit within previous models is a waste of effort, so be bold.”

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Godfather of Government Marketing Mark Amtower Declares Critical Must-Do’s For Maintaining an Edge When Selling and Marketing to the Federal Government

Mark says, "The main thing you have is your reputation. I don’t do things I can’t tell my wife and children, period. Same thing with customers, I'll say, “I can't help you but let me aim you at somebody who can.""

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Squeeze More Life Out of Time Author Diane Cashin Says These Mindset Strategies Will Help Sales Leaders Succeed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Diane says, “When I think about selling I even change the word, I say I’m just going to go care about somebody today, I’m going to care about what they need and hopefully there’s a good fit for me and my company.”

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Dun & Bradstreet Sales Exec Sally Block is Constantly Learning and It’s Helping Her Lead Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sally says, "Continue to be a learner but as you advance your career, take time to reach back. Share your knowledge and skills with somebody who’s new to the role. We all came to our success through the help of others. Remember, you’ve got to give back."

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Expel Sales Leader Denise Hayman Explains Why It’s the Perfect Time to Apply a Sales Done Right Approach to Be of Service to Your Customers

Denise says, “It’s Sales Done Right. Nothing takes the place of you doing the work. Athletes practice no matter how great they are, lawyers practice before they go into the courtroom, we have to practice. Do the work, prepare and do the work."

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Detroit Biz Leader Jason Wize Shares Web and Digital Marketing Ideas to Help Transform Your Sales Efforts During COVID-19 Pandemic

Jason says, “You’ve got to be Positive, that goes without saying but you’ve got to be positive, have a positive attitude towards your products, services, your company, your coworkers, your prospects, your customers and just life in general."

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Creativity in Sales Webcast: Six Things Sales Pros Need to Do for Success During the Coronavirus with Sales Expert Tom Snyder

Tom says, "We’re not here to just survive the COVID-19 pandemic. If we can adapt to these changes, we can actually thrive during this time and we can help our customers do that. Here are six things sales professionals should do right now to transform their efforts during a very challenging time, but a time ripe with opportunity."

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SALES GAME CHANGERS LIVE LEARNING EVENT: Sales Transformation and Solutions During the COVID-19 Panel Discussion

Listen to the insights of three top sales leaders. Darrell Gehrt is the Vice President of Sales, Mobile Solutions at Cvent. Listen to his podcast here. Randy Wood is the Vice President of Web America Sales at Akamai Technologies. Find his podcast hereDenise Hayman heads sales at Expel.

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Bloomberg Gov Sales Chief Donald Thomas Shares How the Strong Relationships You’ve Developed Will Set You Aside – During the Pandemic and Beyond

Donald says, "You’re selling or you aren’t, you’re winning against the competition or you aren’t. You’re out on the front lines, you’re the engine that drives the growth here and it’s very clear whether we’re doing something right or not because we’re selling and retaining customers.“

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Neustar Sales Leader Craig Pentz Gives Tips on How to Become a More Trusted Advisor During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

Craig says, "Empathy in these unprecedented times is a leadership trait we must exhibit with customers and staff. Prospecting can and should continue (during the pandemic). As trusted advisors, the message must clearly articulate on how we believe we can help vs. attempting to prey on fear, uncertainty and doubt."

What Does Craig Have to Say?

Business Relationships Guru David Nour Offers Two Strategies that Could Not Only Impact Your Sales Success But Your Life’s Achievements as Well

David Nour says, "You’re going to meet individuals who fundamentally change both your direction as well as your ultimate destination. We call those individuals Curve Benders. Where are they? How do we find them? More importantly, how do we become one right now?"

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LinkedIn Sales Chief Alyssa Merwin Says Her Sales Managers Elevated Their Performance When SHE Became More Vulnerable and Authentic

Alyssa says, "“Make sure that you’re able to add value in every conversation – even those that have nothing to do with the solution that you sell. Find out what your buyers and prospects care about and go in and help them get better at their jobs because they’ve spent that time with you.”

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Inside Sales Expert Marc Gonyea of memoryBlue Offers Must Implement Strategies Learned from Managing Hundreds of High-Tech Sales Reps

Marc says, "“You must always be continuously improving. Knowing about the technology is key but it’s not nearly as crucial as paying attention to your sales performance. Treat your selling profession as a true craft and keep working at it. If you’re not doing that, you’re going to lose.”

What Does Marc Have to Say?

International Sales Strategist Andy Miller Gives Pertinent Advice on Hiring, Motivating and Retaining Top Tier Sales Talent

Sales Trainer Expert Andy says, “Get curious about everything, get curious about your customer, get curious about their industry, get curious about their business model. I find curiosity to be a really great habit for a salesperson.” This is a must listen to show if you ever hire sales people.

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FireEye Public Sector Sales Chief Craig Mueller Says by Focusing on These Specific Skills, You Will Be on the Path to Elite Sales Performance

Craig says, "Find a coach, find a mentor, find someone that you emulate and understand how they’re being successful and to help you write down goals that you want to achieve. Doing these things will ensure that you will establish and then stay on the right path when times get tough.”

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Hospitality Sales Expert Bob Gilbert Says Getting These Insights from Customers Can Swiftly Grow Your Career and Influence

Bob says, "Sales will always be successful if they leverage the insights they get from customers into value for them, their customers and their company. Sales is in a unique position to leverage that knowledge to help senior management in their organizations."

What Does Bob Have to Say?

Splunk Public Sector Sales Leader Frank Dimina Explains How a Growth Mindset Has Helped Him Tackle Every Sales Challenge He’s Faced Throughout his Career

Frank says, “Some of the territories that look challenging or some of the projects that look difficult can be the ones you’re most proud of and produce the greatest results. If you take on one of these challenging roles, if you are successful in that role, you’ll be legendary,”

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Quicken Loans Sales Star Justin Lee Shares How Even When Tons of Leads Come Flying In, Smart and Effective Sales Techniques are Still Critical

Justin says, "Believe in yourself and assuming the sale will happen. I don’t care what sales business you’re in, be assumptive and get to the close. If you get over the fear of rejection by making sure you’re going for the close you’re going to find success.”

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Quicken Loans Sales Veteran Adam Stalmack Says You Can Develop a More Powerful Sales Mindset if You Focus on This Key Habit

Adam says, "Don’t ever quit. The other part of that is don’t stop learning. Don’t stop honing in on your craft and sharpening your skills, getting better. Keep finding out what makes it work and then tailoring it to what you do.” We broadcast this show from Downtown Detroit,

What Does Adam Have to Say?

Larry Goeckner of Thomson Reuters Relates Lessons Learned Living on a Farm in Idaho that Led to His Sales Leadership Success

Larry says, “Create your own way of keeping score. There’s the showing up at the time that you said you were going to show up, remaining focused for the amount of time that you said you were going to remain focused on this task, and making the outbound activity that’s necessary, for example.”

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Thomson Reuters Sales Leader Rob Beattie Gives Answers on How to Use Data and Build Skills to Grow Your Centralized Sales

Rob says, "Don’t rely on others to motivate you. Take personal responsibility for your own development. That’s bigger than just sales, that’s about building a career. What can you learn that’s new? How do you go out and find something that maybe is that game changer for you?"

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Sales Mindset Development Expert Umar Hameed Says Change is Possible if Sales Professionals Apply These Simple Techniques

Umar says, "I hope people get that change is possible, happens very quickly, and you can make that change permanently. With technologies from applied neuroscience and neurolinguistic programming, we have a deep understanding of how to create that change quickly and permanently.”

What Does Umar Have to Say?

Microsoft Partner Extraordinaire Paul Skurpski of XTIVIA Tells Tech Business Owners What’s Required to Become a Sales Leader

Paul says, “Impact your own success. Don’t rely on having that great sales engineer – you become the sales engineer. If you’re a sales consultant and you really understand your product and you can deliver value to that company, they will view you differently.”

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World Wide Technology Sales VP Shawn Rodriguez Explains Why the Government and Education Markets Excite Him So Much

Shawn says, "If you want to be a sales leader, be sure to really understand why. If you aren’t willing to give up the glory and truly contribute through others, then you should really consider continuing to be the best sales rep you can be. Be authentic and true to yourself.”

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Entrepreneur and Drone Innovator Pramod Rajeha Says Adopting This Atypical Sales Mentality is Imperative for Business Owners

Pramod says, "Stay persistent because that victory might be right around the corner and you might give up just before you get there. I can think of many times where I’ve attempted 4, 5, 6, 7 times and on the 8th time we actually hit it. if we had given up it wouldn’t have happened."

What Does Pramod Have to Say?

The Sales Evangelist – Donald Kelly – Says This Approach to Sales Prospecting Will Set You Apart from All Other Sellers

Donald says, "Every organization out there has some kind of problem, your prospects do. Somebody is going to solve that problem for them, so why not you? Take the advantage, go the high road, figure this out first and be the first one to solve the problem. If you do that, you stand out more than anybody else.”

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ThunderCat Sales Leader and Former Minor League Baseball Pitcher Mike Knox Said this Advice from Tommy John Was Crucial to His Career Success

Mike says, "Chase after your dreams, get to know good people, network and always add value in every interaction you’re in. Have fun with it, too. It goes fast and if you put your hard work and talent to play, you’re going to win.”

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GM’s Barbara Reznor Shares How The Leading Edge Sales Training Strategies They’re Now Bringing to Dealerships are Improving a Historic Challenge

Barbara speaks about programs The GM Center of Learning, a finalist for an IES - Sales Excellence Award in 2019, has created to help car dealership's train their sales people. It's a revolutionary program you need to know about.

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Forcepoint Sales Exec Eric Trexler Says Focus on this Outcome to Determine Your Sales Success

Eric says, "Everything you do should be geared around results, Focus on your customer, yourself, your business and put a plan together and enjoy the ride. To the leaders out there, focus on your people, be transparent and direct with them. Have a plan, always look at how we make them better.”

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Microsoft Federal Sales GM Javier Vasquez Discloses the Transformation Lessons His Sales Organization, Company and Customers Have Learned Together

Javier says, "Be tenacious. Just try, try, try. You’re going to hear ‘no’ more than you hear ‘yes’ when you first start in your career and I know it sounds painful now, but that is where and how you learn. Get back up and do it again.”

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Clarabridge Sales Leader and College Wrestler Tom van Gorder Says These Lessons from the Mat Can Help You Achieve Sales Success

Brian says, "Any young professional that is interested in a sales career needs to find one or two mentors, somebody like myself, you or others that are willing and able to give them some advice and some coaching as they move along in their career."

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Frank Passanante Shares How a Coaching Mindset Made Hilton Fortune’s Best Company to Work for

Frank says, "Embrace a coaching mindset and also embrace the idea that everyone should always be learning. If you embrace this idea of an always learning mindset and you want to be better tomorrow than you are today, you’ll have success and you’ll have success in sales.”

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ThunderCat Sales Leader and Former Minor League Baseball Pitcher Mike Knox Said this Advice from Tommy John Was Crucial to His Career Success

Mike says, "Chase after what your dreams are, get to know good people, network and always add value in every interaction. Have fun with it, too. It goes fast and if you put your hard work and talent to play, you’re going to win.”

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Ellucian Sales Chief Dan Maier Shares How Elite Sales Performers Now Must Service Transforming Verticals

Dan says, "Have fun with what you’re doing. Fuel the things that you’re most passionate about. It’s not just about winning, it’s about how you get to the finish line. Take risks, have fun but more importantly, go make it happen.”

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Sales Star Carrie-Anne Mosley Shares Lessons Learned at Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Now Amazon Web Services

CAM says, "If you start with your customer in the center of everything you do and work backwards from there, and you’ve cultivated your partners, your journey will be successful. If you are adding along the way, your journey will be successful.”

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JK Moving Residential Sales Veep Brian McGuinness Tells How 212 – The Extra Degree – Inspires Extra Effort and Care from His Team Members

Brian says, "Don’t look back, look forward. Do the right thing each and every day and lead by example. And make sure you have an attitude of gratitude. “

Learn from Brian!

Entercom Sales Leader Dave Scopinich Explains His Passion for Radio and Why It’s the Most Powerful Audience Access Medium in the World

Dave says, "Step back and think we’re helping people. We make a difference. Every day I get up and I’m excited to go and talk about these brands and help our clients grow their business.”

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Red Hat Public Sector GM Paul Smith Details How Ambitious Sales Professionals Can Improve their IQ and EQ and Grow Their Careers

Paul says, "Put your cell phones down. The most important thing is networking and get face-to-face. If you’re going to use your cell phone, actually use it as a phone.”

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Vantage Sales Chief Lee Kestler Says This Advice He Gave His Leaders about Facebook Paid Off Long Term

Lee says, “Negotiation isn’t about a winning and a losing part – negotiation is about winning for both sides. If you go into a conversation with a customer or you go into any type of interaction in life and you think about it that way, you’re probably going to be better off.”

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Proxios Sales Leader Michael Euripides Says Respect Through the Process Can Set You Competitively Apart

Michael says "“Be respectful. I want to encourage everybody in sales to respect your client, respect their buying processes, respect their finances, make sure that you’re delivering on your promises."

Learn how Michael Does It!

MovieComm’s Scott DiGiammarino Shares How ‘Houston, We Have a Problem” and Other Clips Can Improve Sales Performance

Dave says "It’s what they say in Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you.” It’s for them to tell their story and share how they’re thinking, what they’d like to learn and give upward feedback to their leaders.”

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3Pillar Global CRO Heather Combs Says These Three Strategies Helped Her Thrive as a Woman in Sales Leader

Heather says, "Continue to learn, grow, evolve and improve every day and so will you. Find the places that you’re willing to learn to work hard, to continue to get better. Just keep on working at it and enjoy the journey.”

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Chris Brady Says Passion, Respect, Intelligence, Discipline and Effort – Are at the Root of Learning Tree’s Sales Culture

Chris says, "If we all bring PRIDE to our work each and every day – passionate, respectful, intelligent, we have a disciplined approach and we bring a lot of energy and effort to the job each and every day – we can have success.”

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Appian Sales Chief David Mitchell Explains Why LEAN – Land, Expand, Align, and Nurture – Should Be at the Core of Your Corporate Sales Efforts

David says, "Know your product, know your customers. Lean on your company for help and get your face in the place. Those are the things I think about the most.”

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Sales Game Changers Podcast Named as a Top 15 Sales Podcast!

Research firm Feedspot listed The Sales Game Changers Podcast as a Top 15 Sales Podcast in its 2018 listing. Feedspot judged the podcasts based Podcast content quality, Post consistency, Age of the website, Average number of shares on social sites for your posts, Traffic of your podcast and more.

3Pillar Global Sales Leader Jennifer Ives Said If She Put Blinders On She Would Have Missed This Opportunity

Jennifer says "Don’t put blinders on. There have been many opportunities that opened up for me that if I had put blinders on and said – No, this is my path, this is what I’m going to do – I would have missed out on.”

Learn from Jennifer!

Best-Selling Author Lance Tyson Offers Insights He’s Learned from Training the Most Successful Sales Teams

Lance says "“If my job 10 hours a day was to cut down trees, I’d spend 8 hours sharpening my axe. I think that’s where you should be thinking sales-wise because sales is hard today and you’ve got to be on your game.”

Learn how Lance Trains the Top Teams!

ThunderCat Technology’s Dave Schlosser Said This Realization Moved Him from Engineering to Sales Leadership

Dave says "Don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t do something that you really want to do. If you have a plan and a mission and you have the right people supporting you, you will get there.”

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Washington Business Journal Sales Veep David Walker Says These Two Habits Are Absolutely Critical to a Successful Sales Career

David says, "If you want to earn, that has to be really one of your chief motivators in going into sales. If someone is not motivated by money, then again I don’t know if this particular career, regardless of what product or service you’re selling, is for you.”

Learn from David!

UVA Darden School’s Tom Steenburgh Says It’s Critical to Do These Things to Sell New Products

In the November/December issue of the Harvard Business Review, he wrote a new classic article on selling new products and how that’s changed over the past decade. This podcast focused on those insights. Check it out now to better sell new products.

Learn How to Sell New Products!

Joel Kline Shares the Biggest Opportunities That Occurred When Nestlé Took Over Selling Starbucks Products

Joel says if you know your product and you know your customer's needs you can sell anything. "I’ve come to realize if you do your homework, you spend your time understanding what it is you’re selling and who you’re selling to that it’s transferable across multiple industries."

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