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JK Moving Residential Sales Veep Brian McGuinness Tells How 212 – The Extra Degree – Inspires Extra Effort and Care from His Team Members

Brian says, "Don’t look back, look forward. Do the right thing each and every day and lead by example. And make sure you have an attitude of gratitude. “

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Entercom Sales Leader Dave Scopinich Explains His Passion for Radio and Why It’s the Most Powerful Audience Access Medium in the World

Dave says, "Step back and think we’re helping people. We make a difference. Every day I get up and I’m excited to go and talk about these brands and help our clients grow their business.”

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Red Hat Public Sector GM Paul Smith Details How Ambitious Sales Professionals Can Improve their IQ and EQ and Grow Their Careers

Paul says, "Put your cell phones down. The most important thing is networking and get face-to-face. If you’re going to use your cell phone, actually use it as a phone.”

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Ellucian Sales Chief Dan Maier Shares How Elite Sales Performers Now Must Service Transforming Verticals

Dan says, "Have fun with what you’re doing. Fuel the things that you’re most passionate about. It’s not just about winning, it’s about how you get to the finish line. Take risks, have fun but more importantly, go make it happen.”

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Sales Star Carrie-Anne Mosley Shares Lessons Learned at Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Now Amazon Web Services

CAM says, "If you start with your customer in the center of everything you do and work backwards from there, and you’ve cultivated your partners, your journey will be successful. If you are adding along the way, your journey will be successful.”

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Vantage Sales Chief Lee Kestler Says This Advice He Gave His Leaders about Facebook Paid Off Long Term

Lee says, “Negotiation isn’t about a winning and a losing part – negotiation is about winning for both sides. If you go into a conversation with a customer or you go into any type of interaction in life and you think about it that way, you’re probably going to be better off.”

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Proxios Sales Leader Michael Euripides Says Respect Through the Process Can Set You Competitively Apart

Michael says "“Be respectful. I want to encourage everybody in sales to respect your client, respect their buying processes, respect their finances, make sure that you’re delivering on your promises."

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MovieComm’s Scott DiGiammarino Shares How ‘Houston, We Have a Problem” and Other Clips Can Improve Sales Performance

Dave says "It’s what they say in Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you.” It’s for them to tell their story and share how they’re thinking, what they’d like to learn and give upward feedback to their leaders.”

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3Pillar Global CRO Heather Combs Says These Three Strategies Helped Her Thrive as a Woman in Sales Leader

Heather says, "Continue to learn, grow, evolve and improve every day and so will you. Find the places that you’re willing to learn to work hard, to continue to get better. Just keep on working at it and enjoy the journey.”

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Chris Brady Says Passion, Respect, Intelligence, Discipline and Effort – Are at the Root of Learning Tree’s Sales Culture

Chris says, "If we all bring PRIDE to our work each and every day – passionate, respectful, intelligent, we have a disciplined approach and we bring a lot of energy and effort to the job each and every day – we can have success.”

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Appian Sales Chief David Mitchell Explains Why LEAN – Land, Expand, Align, and Nurture – Should Be at the Core of Your Corporate Sales Efforts

David says, "Know your product, know your customers. Lean on your company for help and get your face in the place. Those are the things I think about the most.”

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Sales Game Changers Podcast Named as a Top 15 Sales Podcast!

Research firm Feedspot listed The Sales Game Changers Podcast as a Top 15 Sales Podcast in its 2018 listing. Feedspot judged the podcasts based Podcast content quality, Post consistency, Age of the website, Average number of shares on social sites for your posts, Traffic of your podcast and more.

3Pillar Global Sales Leader Jennifer Ives Said If She Put Blinders On She Would Have Missed This Opportunity

Jennifer says "Don’t put blinders on. There have been many opportunities that opened up for me that if I had put blinders on and said – No, this is my path, this is what I’m going to do – I would have missed out on.”

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Best-Selling Author Lance Tyson Offers Insights He’s Learned from Training the Most Successful Sales Teams

Lance says "“If my job 10 hours a day was to cut down trees, I’d spend 8 hours sharpening my axe. I think that’s where you should be thinking sales-wise because sales is hard today and you’ve got to be on your game.”

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ThunderCat Technology’s Dave Schlosser Said This Realization Moved Him from Engineering to Sales Leadership

Dave says "Don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t do something that you really want to do. If you have a plan and a mission and you have the right people supporting you, you will get there.”

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Washington Business Journal Sales Veep David Walker Says These Two Habits Are Absolutely Critical to a Successful Sales Career

David says, "If you want to earn, that has to be really one of your chief motivators in going into sales. If someone is not motivated by money, then again I don’t know if this particular career, regardless of what product or service you’re selling, is for you.”

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UVA Darden School’s Tom Steenburgh Says It’s Critical to Do These Things to Sell New Products

In the November/December issue of the Harvard Business Review, he wrote a new classic article on selling new products and how that’s changed over the past decade. This podcast focused on those insights. Check it out now to better sell new products.

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Joel Kline Shares the Biggest Opportunities That Occurred When Nestlé Took Over Selling Starbucks Products

Joel says if you know your product and you know your customer's needs you can sell anything. "I’ve come to realize if you do your homework, you spend your time understanding what it is you’re selling and who you’re selling to that it’s transferable across multiple industries."

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