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Vantage Sales Chief Lee Kestler Says This Advice He Gave His Leaders about Facebook Paid Off Long Term

Lee says, “Negotiation isn’t about a winning and a losing part – negotiation is about winning for both sides. If you go into a conversation with a customer or you go into any type of interaction in life and you think about it that way, you’re probably going to be better off.”

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Proxios Sales Leader Michael Euripides Says Respect Through the Process Can Set You Competitively Apart

Michael says "“Be respectful. I want to encourage everybody in sales to respect your client, respect their buying processes, respect their finances, make sure that you’re delivering on your promises."

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MovieComm’s Scott DiGiammarino Shares How ‘Houston, We Have a Problem” and Other Clips Can Improve Sales Performance

Dave says "It’s what they say in Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you.” It’s for them to tell their story and share how they’re thinking, what they’d like to learn and give upward feedback to their leaders.”

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3Pillar Global CRO Heather Combs Says These Three Strategies Helped Her Thrive as a Woman in Sales Leader

Heather says, "Continue to learn, grow, evolve and improve every day and so will you. Find the places that you’re willing to learn to work hard, to continue to get better. Just keep on working at it and enjoy the journey.”

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Chris Brady Says Passion, Respect, Intelligence, Discipline and Effort – Are at the Root of Learning Tree’s Sales Culture

Chris says, "If we all bring PRIDE to our work each and every day – passionate, respectful, intelligent, we have a disciplined approach and we bring a lot of energy and effort to the job each and every day – we can have success.”

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Appian Sales Chief David Mitchell Explains Why LEAN – Land, Expand, Align, and Nurture – Should Be at the Core of Your Corporate Sales Efforts

David says, "Know your product, know your customers. Lean on your company for help and get your face in the place. Those are the things I think about the most.”

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3Pillar Global Sales Leader Jennifer Ives Said If She Put Blinders On She Would Have Missed This Opportunity

Jennifer says "Don’t put blinders on. There have been many opportunities that opened up for me that if I had put blinders on and said – No, this is my path, this is what I’m going to do – I would have missed out on.”

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Best-Selling Author Lance Tyson Offers Insights He’s Learned from Training the Most Successful Sales Teams

Lance says "“If my job 10 hours a day was to cut down trees, I’d spend 8 hours sharpening my axe. I think that’s where you should be thinking sales-wise because sales is hard today and you’ve got to be on your game.”

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ThunderCat Technology’s Dave Schlosser Said This Realization Moved Him from Engineering to Sales Leadership

Dave says "Don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t do something that you really want to do. If you have a plan and a mission and you have the right people supporting you, you will get there.”

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Washington Business Journal Sales Veep David Walker Says These Two Habits Are Absolutely Critical to a Successful Sales Career

David says, "If you want to earn, that has to be really one of your chief motivators in going into sales. If someone is not motivated by money, then again I don’t know if this particular career, regardless of what product or service you’re selling, is for you.”

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UVA Darden School’s Tom Steenburgh Says It’s Critical to Do These Things to Sell New Products

In the November/December issue of the Harvard Business Review, he wrote a new classic article on selling new products and how that’s changed over the past decade. This podcast focused on those insights. Check it out now to better sell new products.

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Joel Kline Shares the Biggest Opportunities That Occurred When Nestlé Took Over Selling Starbucks Products

Joel says if you know your product and you know your customer's needs you can sell anything. "I’ve come to realize if you do your homework, you spend your time understanding what it is you’re selling and who you’re selling to that it’s transferable across multiple industries."

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Blackbaud’s Chris Krackeler Says This Aristotelian Lesson Helps Motivate His Sales Teams to Excel

Chris says, "Remember the value of listening, being authentic and having fun. I’ve been fortunate to get a lot of positive feedback in my career, but I’ve also gotten my fair share of constructive criticism. Being able to listen to that, the good, the bad, the ugly and grow from it is a way that’s helped me continue to grow and evolve my career."

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Hear How Competing in Triathlons Has Made Appian’s Kristin Scott into a Top-Tier Sales Leader

Kristin Scott is a competitive triathlete. She says stay curious. Be open to learning new things – and that could be new ways of selling, that could be new solutions you’re offering, that could be really understanding what your customer’s needs are.

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Akamai Sales Leader Randy Wood Tells How His Sales Career Began on Sept. 12, 2001 and Why Your Human Brand is So Critical in Sales

Randy says, It’s the importance of giving your best and highest performance every day. Performance and performance alone dictates the predator in every food chain. Sales is no different.

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Sales Game Changers Podcast Named as a Top 15 Sales Podcast!

Research firm Feedspot listed The Sales Game Changers Podcast as a Top 15 Sales Podcast in its 2018 listing. Feedspot judged the podcasts based Podcast content quality, Post consistency, Age of the website, Average number of shares on social sites for your posts, Traffic of your podcast and more.

WSB’s John Ryder Verbalizes How to Sell Speaker Services from George Bush, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Jack Nicklaus

John says, "I have never regretted thinking Big. Thinking of these goals that far surpass where I was last year, where I’d like to be and never been daunted by what I need to do to get there. Just believe in yourself and ask others and constantly improve, focus on winning and I guarantee you will.”

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CrowdStrike Public Sector’s James Yeager Struck Gold When He Applied This Approach to Sales Performance

James says "Make sure the individuals in your organization know that you’re invested in their success. This is a people business - hire the right people, make sure that they’re trained, give them the tools they need to compete and win. Empower them and support them with everything you’ve got.”

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Symantec Federal Sales Chief Chris Townsend Says This Brutal Customer Insight Shifted His Career Forever

Chris says, "There’s this negative connotation that’s around sales that we’re out there trying to push things on our customers that they don’t want. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. We’re actually in there helping our customers advance their business and we can be relevant to the mission because the mission is so important."

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Nortec Sales Leader Deb Wiker Says She Learned This Critical Sales Lesson Selling Salmon on the Bering Sea

Deb tells great stories of her time spent on the Bering Sea negotiating salmon pricing with Japanese Fishermen. She says "Sales is a team sport. Don’t be a lone ranger. Get out there and use the resources at your fingertips to help you close. By helping each other, everybody wins.”

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Verizon Federal’s Andrea Cohen Says Doing These Other Jobs First Led to Her Sales Leadership Success

Andrea says "Engage. You have to play to win and you have to really be focused on what you do and how it impacts everyone else, your customer and their customer. If you can get that level of understanding, you’ll be very successful.”

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Nestlé’s Dominic Strada Shares How Selling Brands Such as Purina and Gerber Has Dramatically Shifted

Dominic says, "If you always have that mentality that either you don’t know enough or somebody can take away what you have today, you’ll lose your edge. Never think you have a problem solved long-term and that you have all the relationships that you need."

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SAP NS2 Business Leader Ron Police Says This Basketball Analogy from His Mentor at Oracle Pushed the Buttons that Fired Up His Sales Leadership Career

Ron shares how to create a life business plan for yourself and think about it in terms of what do you want to accomplish in life with family, friends, and the community. At the end of the day, you’re going to have a detailed business plan that will help with your career and balance everything for peak performance.”

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Here’s the One Thing that SAP NS2 CEO Mark Testoni – 2019 IES Lifetime Achievement Award Winner – Attributes to His Notable Career Success

Mark shares how his son, Matt, a special needs guy, helps him stay grounded. We need to look at what people can do and not what they can’t do. That was a lesson that is probably the #1 thing that has helped me be successful. What makes a great team work is when you take the strengths and blend them all together.”

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Deltek Global Sales Chief Matt Strazza Encourages His Sales Leaders and Team Members to Take this Type of Entrepreneurial Approach to Their Business

Matt says figure out what jazzes you and don’t be afraid to expose some of those goals to your peers or friends or managers so that they become real and you get a little sweat on the brow when you’re trying to move through them. Do it because you want to do it. Do it because you love it.

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B-Gov's Mark Muckerman Tells How Embracing Failure Will Give You What You Need to Become a More Successful Sales Leader

Mark says insincerity is transparent. Every prospect, every customer that you talk to will know when they’re being worked and you don’t win that way. Just be honest, be genuine about what you do and what you know and what you don’t know, and you’ll make better sales with better satisfaction and in the grand scheme, better customer attention.”

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How Opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hootie and the Blowfish Set Up Boomer Muth and West Creek Financial for High-Growth Sales Success

Boomer's a math geek, a concert musician, and a sales leader. He says find your passion. If you feel stressed, it’s probably not your passion so find your passion. Find what you really care about, create a vision, commit to that vision, and share it with everybody in your life.

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Equinix Government Solutions Sales Leader David Peed Tells How His Expertise in Evaluating Thoroughbreds Led to His Rise from Technician to Business Leader

Build your network and nurture it. Take every breakfast, lunch, dinner, any available moment you have, make sure you occupy it spending time with somebody that you want to get to know or that you know and you want to get to know better.”

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MAXIMUS Federal Sales Exec Allison Patrick Explains Why Having True Passion for Your Customer’s Mission Will Determine How Successful Your Career Will Be

Allison says to be great in sales – to have a sense of real reward in your career – it is about the people. Mentor, learn from all of those around you and then share your experience and knowledge. Check out this podcast today to learn more from this sales leader.

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Women in Sales Leader Jane Gentry Says You Can’t Wait for Someone Else to Make You Better in Sales So Here are Things You Must Do Now to Improve

Don’t wait for somebody else to make you better.  You own your success. Don’t sit back and wait for somebody to make you a great salesperson. Jane has some ideas on how to set yourself apart.

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Ironman Competitor Charlie Minesinger Shares Why Treating Yourself like a Professional Athlete is Critical to High Sales Performance

Think of yourself as a professional sales athlete. You want the best coaching, you want to train daily, you want to constantly try to get stronger, better, fitter, improve your game every day and you want to work on the details.

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Mike Williams Shares his Journey from Manufacturing Hefty Bags to Achieving Sales Success at Coca Cola and Beyond

Mike says Sales is about being a problem solver and helping businesses grow. If you can think of it that way, he says you're going to go further longer in the business as opposed to just being short-sighted and just selling your features and benefits. So check out this podcast and share it!

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USI Insurance's Phil Curran Shares Three Strategies Sales Professionals Must Implement Today to Reach Trusted Advisor Nirvana

Phil says if you can get to where the client includes you as part of the fabric of the organization, you understand their issues and you’re delivering solutions that really impact the business, then you’re a trusted advisor.

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CARTO’s Joe Pringle Talks about the Opportunities and Challenges When You Move from Consulting to Sales Leadership

Joe says sales is about figuring out what problems your company is good at solving, identify what customers have those problems, and getting engaged with those types of customers and those specific people.

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Sales Enablement Society Founder Scott Santucci Discusses Three Things Sales Leaders Must Do to Show Value

Scott says we really don’t ask enough about what’s valuable. Most of what we think about value we take for granted. Why should somebody care?

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Kaiser Permanente Sales Leader Matt Chubb Knew the First Year of his Sales Career Would be Make or Break so Here’s What He Did to Excel

Matt says It’s never crowded going the extra mile. Don’t be afraid of hard work, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for your customers, prospects or clients.”

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Jennifer Fisher of WorldStrides Tells How Selling Life-Changing Experiences for College Students Impacts Her and Her Sales Team in this Way

Jennifer says, “It’s important to always understand how you’re helping people. Always think about how you are helping that other person and by doing that, you’re going to love with what you do."

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Fuel Education’s Brian Mills Shares How Teaching Experience Prepped Him to Sell Online Solutions to School Districts Nationwide

If you love what you do and love who you do it with day in and day out. We spend a lot of time away from friends, away from family and loved ones and when you can love what you do and love who you do it with, you will never work a day in youlife.”

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Trade Show Analytics Expert Eric Misic Reflects on How Selling Shipping Services Door-to-Door Led to His Sales Success

Take a step back, think about some of the good wins that you’ve had for those days. Take a step back and say, “I’ve done this before, I’ve been in this situation before and say, “I’m going to really sell my way out of it.”

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Edward Hughes Details His Journey from Being a Successful Trial Attorney to Leading a Growing, Worldwide Sales Force at Appian Corporation

A former attorney, Edward sums it up fairly succinctly. He says, "Pay attention to your family. Eat healthy. Be sure that you exercise.” And there's a lot more that you'll find in this interview. Lots of gems to help you grow your career.

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The Fearless Leader Author and Former Verizon Executive Chris Baron Offers Sensible Guidance for Your Sales Leadership Growth and Impact

Chris says, "We’ve all got so much to offer in the world and when you find your passion, you stay true to who you are and you continue down your journey."

Hear What Chris Has to Say!

Steve Goldenberg Made Learning Sales a Priority When He Started Interfolio after Graduating from Georgetown and Here’s How it Paid Off

Steve said one of the best pieces of advice that I ever got is that no one likes to be sold, everyone likes to buy and that is the magic that a salesperson can bring to their prospects and clients.

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Hortonworks Sales Leader Shaun Bierweiler is Passionate about Helping the Public Sector Solve Big Data Challenges

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing it’s not going to feel like a job. And network. Network, mentor, get out there and talk to your peers because you never know when you’re going to be working for them, working with them or they’re going to be working for you.”

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DataRobot Public Sector’s Eric Forseter Shares How a Coffee Shop Owner in Australia Observed this Skill that Led Him to a Great Career in Software Sales

Just listen. The biggest thing you can do in your career is listen and absorb and make it your own. If that’s not you, just take the good out of it and work on your craft to make it better and just constantly improve. If you do that, the sky’s the limit.

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Kastle Systems Sales Veteran Clay Deming Shares the Main Reason Why She Teaches Her Legions to Achieve Trusted Advisor Status with Their Customers

Clay says, ‘I am here to genuinely see if this is the right fit for this organization’ and if it is, then you start putting all of that credibility and all of that reliability and all of that intimacy.”

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Juniper Networks Federal Leader Bob Dunn Explains Why Knowing the Solutions You Sell Deeply is Critical to Your Success

If you're true to yourself and true to your customers, they will be true to you. If you could live that way and set a foundation that is firm that you believe in, you'll be successful in sales, says Bob.

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Perspecta’s Sean Mullen Imparts How Starting His Career in Procurement Led to Biz Dev Success

Career improvement is really around success and success comes from focusing on your client. You could talk about it and be theoretical, but at the end of the day you have to know your client better than whom you’re competing against.

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DivvyCloud Revenue Chief Chris Hertz Shares How Intellectual Curiosity, Nuance, and this One Rule Will Differentiate You and Your Selling Efforts

Chris says live by the Golden Rule. You may see people taking short cuts and being at least in the short term successful. Don’t fall into that trap. You'll regret it.”

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Red River Federal Sales Head Kush Kumar Says Enjoying the Game and Trusting the Process are Keys to Long-Term Sales Success

Kush says finding the right company is something that’ll change the span of your career. Understanding who the company is, how you fit into that company, and who’s going to be your mentor are critical.”

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Earth Networks Sales Leader Jim Anderson Offers Hot Tips to Weather the Storm When Your Enterprise Sales Efforts Go Cold

Jim says bring your values and your passion into it. It’s highly rewarding and meaningful when you do sales right with great integrity and a sense of purpose.

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Lookout Federal Sales Exec Bob Stevens Shares How His Competitor at Cisco Became His Mentor and Helped Him Grow as a Leader

Bob says to ask the difficult questions like do you have the money, do you have the time, what is the timeline?” These are questions that our customers expect us to ask. Ask them!

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Reston Limousine CEO, Philanthropist, and Business Leader Kristina Bouweiri Shares the Moment She Knew She Was Born to Be in Sales…and Other Powerful Insights

Kristina says to Get out there and meet people and stay in touch. Keep track of the people you know. Stay in touch and your business will grow.

Meet Kristina!

Verizon Public Sector Sales Leader Mike Maiorana Teaches this Key Strategy to Continually Generate a Win-Win with Customers

Mike says be that team player, develop those relationships, be the go-to person for the industry that you serve at the company you serve and have fun.”

Check out Mike's Podcast Here!

ExecVision Sales Leader Ted Martin Shares the One Thing that Will Improve Your Inside Sales Effectiveness

Ted says there’s always going to be an excuse. Some people live by the excuse, other people don’t. If you truly want to affect change and if you truly want to make something of your career, in your life in general, don’t accept excuses.

Listen to Ted's' Podcast!

Apptio Sales Leader Nick Bollini Offers Strategies to More Effectively Provide Value to Your Customers and Prospects

Nick says make sure that selling is purposeful for you. Make sure you are ever mindful of what is your purpose, and know why you do what you do. This will raise your sales career up a level.

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Hospitality Sales Leader Jen Erney of ALHI Helps Her Member Hotels Sell Experiences…and Plenty of Sleeping Rooms

Jen says it takes seven touch points to make one memorable experience so don’t think that just one email is going to get you in the door. Do it often and thoughtfully and don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions.

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Tableau Sales Leader Ed Beaurain Shares Insights on Optimizing the Sales Data You Should Be Capturing

We discuss the sales analytics leaders need to effectively manage their pipeline and sales performance. Ed is an expert in using analytics for sales and offers some gems you can implement immediately for success.

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Find Out the Sales Lessons Entrepreneur Jere Simpson Learned that Helped Him Become a Self-Made Millionaire in His 20’s

Jere says be 100% human, genuine and honest with everybody that you’re talking to. You might be honest with someone in a way that blows the sale in the moment, but they’ll come back to you when the competitors that lied to them didn’t work out for them.

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Find Out How VMWare Federal Sales Leader Bill Rowan Answers the Question ‘What Would Bill Ask’ to Take Your Sales Skills Up a Notch

Bill says talk to your clients, learn more and more about them, not just about what they do. Develop that personal relationship and you will find you will fail a lot less often and you will find that your opportunities continue to get bigger and your career is going to grow.

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How Nearly a Decade as a Professional Baseball Player Prepared Diligent Corporation’s Liam Healy for Sales Leadership Excellence

Liam says solve problems and look for the fair trade. Live life by putting things in that lens and thinking through others first. Embrace the challenge – if things were easy everyone would do it!

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Want to Be a Trusted Sales Professional Who Beats the Competition? Sales Innovator Shawn Cook Says You Need to Be “Compellevant”

Shawn Cooks says Start with the customer, it’s all about them. If you’re in sales to help yourself, you have to define what sales means to you. Sales is helping the customer get what they want so that I can get what I want.

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How Do You Grow Sales Revenue When the Trade Show Venue is Full? CES Show Sales Leader Denise Medved Tells How

Denise said always be learning, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid to fail. If you’re not failing or making mistakes you’re not recognizing your true potential because every time you make a mistake you’re learning that much more and you’re getting that much more experience.

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The Honesty Guy Shares How to Deepen Your Customer Relations and Help Your Sales Explode

Steven Gaffney said the #1 problem in relationships with teamwork and change is actually when people just don’t talk to each other. He said if he can get people to get this “unsaid said,” it will transform organizations and that’s exactly what’s happened.

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Hear How a Masters in Neurobiology and Growing Up in a Family of Sales Leaders Prepped InfinityQS Sales Exec John Hicks for Success

John Hicks said, "Don’t let the fear of failure be your guiding principle. Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn. Embrace failure as a way to broaden your horizons and become more comfortable with the notion that it takes a lot of no’s to get to a yes.”

Learn about John Hicks here!

DLT Sales Head Chris Dewey Shares How He Went from Making 125 Prospecting Calls a Day to Managing a $650 Million Book of Business

Chris says, "Sales can be hard, it can be stressful but it can also be very rewarding. Remember to always have a good work-life balance because sales can consume you. Don’t let it happen, just try to have a balance and you’ll be happier and a more successful person.“

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Salesforce Public Sector Sales Chief Dave Rey Shares the Cornerstones of his Successful Career

Dave says, "You need to find a mentor, you need to emulate the traits that you admire, you need to get some formal sales training and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, always working to earn your customer’s trust and do your homework about their mission.“

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Eric Marterella Shares How an Early-Career Meeting with Bill Marriott Inspired Him to Become an Innovative Sales Leader

Eric talks about how he started his career in hospitality and how two chance meetings with Bill Marriott (yes that Bill Marriott) gave him direction and led to a successful career in sales management.

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Lessons Learned at the Marines and CA Highway Patrol Built Kim Harrington into a Leader with a Bent Towards Community Service

Kim says, "In life you can either be a great example or a horrible warning so focus on being the best person you can be. Go into your day acting like you’re self-employed. This is your business, don’t wait for somebody to take the initiative and just be the best person you can be.“

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Salesforce Public Sector Sales Chief Dave Rey Shares Why Patience, Persistence, and Passion are the Cornerstones of his Successful Career

Jesse says, "You have to be passionate about what you’re doing, otherwise it’s a very hard job to do. Along with that passion, you got to be proud of what you’re doing each and every day and take ownership."

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Viyas Sundaram Shares How Learning to Sell as an Entrepreneur Led to Him Becoming the CRO at Snag

Yiyas says, "It is important that every time you make that cold call or hold that staff meeting that you are thinking about the changes that are occurring outside of your four walls…because if you adapt to that changing market, your customers will believe in you and your customers will follow you with revenue through your entire career.“

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How Do You Get the Optimal Sales Mindset? Listen to Federal Cybersecurity Sales Executive Wayne Lewandowski

Wayne says, "It’s in your head. You can do it or you can’t and in either case whatever the answer is in your head, you’re right, because that’s what you believe."

Listen to Wayne's Podcast!

Christine Barger Tells How Being a Collegiate Lacrosse Champion Helped Her Exceed Her Billion Dollar Sales Goals at Microsoft

Chris says, "Do what inspires you, spend time and invest the time in yourself getting grounded in understanding what you love to do and where you provide value, and realize that your path isn’t the same as the person next to you. You chart your own path.“

Listen to Christine's Podcast! Sales Leader David Posner Shares Strategies for Selling Sensitive Senior Care Services

David says "The biggest difference between a great sales person and an average sales person is that 5:01pm extra call of the day, or picking up the phone call at 4:30am in the morning. Take action, take that extra step."

Listen to David's Podcast!

Washington Nats Ryan Bringger Engages Clients Year Round with Programs that Offer Experiences, Rewards and Access

Interested in selling tickets for a major sports team? Ryan Bringger has succeeded for some of the top teams in sports. Listen how on this podcast!

Listen to Ryan's Podcast!

PM Hotel Group Sales Leader Leticia Proctor Addresses How Data Makes Selling Her Hotels More Hospitable

Leticia Proctor shared some powerful insights for hospitality sales execs to take to grow their careers and help their properties excel. Listen to this podcast now!

Listen to Leticia's Podcast!

VION Corporation President Jeff Henry Offers Sales Leaders Strategies on How to Stay Relevant as Your Market and Customers Transform

Jeff says be a leader. Sales leadership, takes a lot of different forms, but be relevant to your company and to what you do for a career, be a leader in the field.

Learn from Jeff Henry Now!

Sales Performance Improvement Guru Tom Snyder Shares Strategies to Ensure Funnel Clarity

Tom Snyder practically invented today's sales performance improvement techniques. Learn some of his insights about how you can take your sales career to the next level during these challenging times.

Listen to Sales Performance Improvement Expert Tom Snyder!

GRIT, Tenacity and Solid Planning Have Helped Dario Campolattaro Reach the Sales Summit for a Quarter Century

Dario Campolattaro has succeeded in the tough and competitive insurance industry when many of his peers have fallen by the wayside. Learn some of his secrets now and take your sales career to the next level!

Grow Your Sales with Dario!

With Over 18 Years at the Same Company, Cision Sales Leader Chris Cutino Offers a Wealth of Ideas on How to Continually Stay Ahead

Chris Cutino is an anomaly. He's had great success with one company for the past 18 years! Listen to his stories about how he's led high performing teams since 2000!

Meet Chris Cutino and hear his story!

MapD Federal Sales Head Monica McEwen Gets Analytical About Her Journey to Sales Leadership

Monica McEwen started her career as a sales engineer and then realized quickly she could provide great value to her customer as their sales professional. Her career selling data analytics and BI software grew from there.

Listen to Monica's Podcast!

Metropolitan Shuttle’s Ben Knowlton Tells How Losing a Sale at Marriott Got Him Hundreds of Sales at Marriott

Ben shares a great story about how by not getting a sale at Marriott led to hundreds of sales at Marriott. He didn't think it was a good thing at the time, but by not closing a well-regarded Marriott employee, he put himself in position to boost his career to new heights.

Grow Your Sales with Ben!

Learn How Digital Marketing Sales Expert Erik Requidan Sells Advertising on Over 1 Billion Web Pages Per Month

Erik Requidan manages a sales team that sells digital marketing content on hundreds of millions of web pages including The Drudge Report. Learn some of his secrets to success on this powerful episode now!

Learn from Erik now!

Digital Signage Sales Expert Mike Kilian Offers New Sales Pros Tips on How to Effectively Grow Their Career

Mike Kilian has quickly made a name for himself in the digital signage market. In this podcast, he shares ideas young sales professionals can take to quickly achieve more sales success.

Listen to Mike's Podcast!

MOI's Susan Lee Offers Strategies Women in Sales Should Take to Proactively Move Their Career Forward

Susan Lee describes strategies women (and men) in sales need to take to grow their business. She talks about career and relationship development strategies that will help you accelerate your path to success.

Learn from Susan Lee!

Listen to the Tips Pure Storage Public Sector Leader Gary Newgaard Offers to Help You Excel at Sales

Gary Newgaard compares selling tech products to the Federal Government to being in the NFL. Learn from one of the top data storage sales leaders in the Federal market today.

Listen to Gary's Podcast Now!

ExecVision’s Steve Richard Tells How to Get More Intelligence from Your Sales Conversations

Steve Richard has helped companies around the world get more intelligence from their sales conversations. Listen to the insights Steve has gleaned from recording and analyzing tens of millions of sales calls.

Listen to Steve's Podcast!

Salesforce Sales Exec Joe Markwordt Urges Sales Pros to Have a Strong Plan Or Else You’ll Become Someone Else’s Plan

Joe Markwordt shares lessons from a career at some of the some of the biggest tech brands including DEC, CA, HP and Silicon Graphics.

Tips from Salesforce Sales Leader Joe Markwordt!

Accelerent Sales Leader Michael Gordon Preaches Quality of Relationships Over Quantity of Connections

Michael Gordon's company, Accelerent, helps business owners develop rich trusted relationships that lead to sales. Listen as he shares his insights on how to build those deep partnerships.

Listen to Michael's Podcast

Asurion Sales Leader Rob DiRocco Helps the World’s Leading Brands Support the Tech that Keeps You Connected

Rob and his team helped top brands such as WalmartHome Depot and Amazon sell services that support their sale of technology enabled products to consumers. He manages the retail and manufacturing business to drive growth for Asurion's client partners. 

Listen to Rob's Podcast!

Vineeta Mooganur Applies Her Engineering Expertise to Help Her Sales Teams Multitask, Manage, and Grow

Vineeta's diverse experience of sales, client services, strategy and management has allowed her to give a unique perspective to her team as well as find unique ways to serve the market.

Learn from Vineeta Now!

Genesys Sales Leader Josh Abich Helps the World's Most Successful Brands Unleash Great Customer Experiences

Josh Abich shares powerful lessons in how his offerings help his customers communicate more effectively across multiple channels. He shares powerful lessons from his mentors and how he has risen to sales leadership quickly.

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Cybersecurity Sales Leader Gigi Schumm Shares Life Lessons and Secrets to Her Success

Gigi brings over two decades of experience leading high-performing sales and services organizations spanning commercial sales, services, channels, alliances, business development and operations. She is a leading sales figure in cybersecurity.

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Sales Leader Sean Ryan is on a Mission to Fuel the Quality of Education with World-Class Technologies

Sean is a leader in education technology. His firm works with schools across the country to bring state of the art learning tools into the classroom in order to drive high level student performance across nearly all grade levels and subjects.

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Alex Bartholomaus Helps People Stretch Their Revenue Growth with Significant Payoffs

Alex specializes in guiding change, disrupting the status quo, challenging CEOs and transforming sales and leadership teams in the pursuit of excellence. Learn how he does this on the podcast!

Learn from Alex Today!

Star Fundraiser Heidi Webb Sells the Opportunity for People Like You to Change the World

Heidi Webb took her career as a professional Not-for-Profit fundraiser to new heights when she realized that she was in sales. This insight helped her become much more valuable to the organizations she was raising money for. Every fundraiser needs to hear her story of success.

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Pleasant Rich Applied These Skills Learned as an Educator into World-Class SaaS Sales Success

Pleasant Rich transformed her career from being a school teacher to an education software sales professional. Now she's a leading SaaS sales leader with Outreach. If you're thinking about transitioning your career into sales, listen to this podcast!

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Like the Rhinoceros He Admires, Hargrove Sales Leader Dan Cole Charges Down Opportunities with Great Success

Dan’s passion is to develop an urgently enthusiastic sales environment by focusing on the following: training, revenue generation, activity and analysis, customer focus and recruiting. he has great stories to prove this!

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Government Contracting Business Development Leader Raza Latif Says Eliminating Fear of Chaos Will Lead to Sales Success

Listen to how Raza Latif has helped his IT Services company grow and expand its offerings by understanding how to help its customer achieve their mission more affordably and successfully.

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By Focusing on Ideas and Not Commodities, Scott Attman Has Led His Restaurant Supply Company to the Front of the Industry

Scott Attman has taken the company  his grandfather created over 70 years ago to new levels by bringing solutions to his customers that they never anticipated.

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Professional Soccer Player Joe Alvarez Went from the Pitch to the Boardroom by Excelling at these Sales Skills

National Office Systems President Joe Alvarez shares how he went from being a professional soccer player to a leading sales and business leader by outhustling his competitors. It's a great story!

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Women on Course’s Tina Fox Shows How Being Authentically Curious about Your Prospect’s Needs will Increase Your Sales

Tina Fox talks about women in sales and some of the things she's doing to help them grow in the profession. It's a great listen. Check it out now.

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Grow Your Sales with Lessons Learned on the Gridiron from Rapid Advance’s Mark Cerminaro

Mark Cerminaro is a former college football quarterback who shares some interesting lessons learned that he's applied from the gridiron to the sales floor.

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How a Natural Sense of Curiosity Has Driven Neustar's Sales Leader Dorean Kass to the Top

NeuStar sales leader Dorean Kass shares insights into how his use of analytics has helped raise the performance of his team and take it to new heights.

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Monumental’s Patrick Duffy is a Wizard at Helping Companies Maximize their Sports Marketing Investment

Patrick Duffy leads global partnership sales at Monumental Sports and Entertainment, one of the most successful companies in the sports marketing industry. Listen as he shares his tips on sales success!

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Top Real Estate Sales Leader Keri Shull is Leading the Real Estate Sales Profession Transformation!

Keri Shull is transforming what a career selling residential real estate can be like. By taking a more business-oriented approach to the profession, she's helping people achieve success much quicker then previously imagined.

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Brian Beveridge Leverages His Analytical and Engineering Acumen to Achieve Sales Success

Brian Beveridge helps sales and marketing organizations get on the same page. We often hear about the great divide between sales and marketing. Listen to how Brian brings them together.

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Joy Newton Grubb Strives to Anticipate Customer Needs to Better Help Solve Their Problems

Joy Newton Grubb has had an exemplary career in sales, largely because she has learned how to anticipate her customer's needs to deliver optimal solutions. Listen as she shares her sales success tips!

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Learn How John Carter Applied Lessons from Film Making Into a Successful Sales Career

John Carter has learned how to apply skills he developed producing films and major marketing campaigns for well-known brands into storytelling expertise that has helped him achieve sales stardom. Learn how he did it!

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Sam McKenna Shows How Showing Me You Know Me Will Grow Your Sales

Sam McKenna has worked hard to develop a sense of urgency that has propelled her to the top of her sales game at ON24. Learn some of the things she does to ensure that she's bringing value to her customers and growing her relationships.

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Gary Milwit Became a Sales Coaching Superstar by Doing What He Said He Was Going to Do

Award-winning sales leader Gary Milwit shares how he learned from great mentors from the sales industry and the high school athletic fields.

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Sales Enablement Leader Jen Burns Talks about Understanding the Buyer Journey

Interfolio Managing Director and Sales Enablement Leader Jen Burns shares insights into how sales professionals can take their careers to the next level if they really understand their Buyer Journey.

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PennWell’s Paul Andrews Says Becoming Your Industry’s Go-To-Expert is Critical for Sales Success

PennWell's Chief Revenue Officer Paul Andrews shared some insights into how emerging sales leaders need to truly understand how their customer's business is changing to transform better to serve them.

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Darrell Gehrt Learned that Simplifying the Message Led Him to Major Sales Gains

Cvent sales leader Darrell Gehrt offers powerful tips that he's learned in his illustrious career that will help sales professionals take their game to the next level.

Listen to Darrell's Podcast!

Paul McConville Urges Preparation, Work Ethic and Data Usage to Excel in Sales

Hobson's Sales Leader Paul McConville provides strong lessons for sales leaders about recruiting, managing and retained top tier sales professionals.

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Want to Grow Your Sales and Improve Performance? Join the IES!

Join the IES to help your sales team improve performance and grow sales. The IES is the leading sales organization for B2B sales leaders and teams. We are all about growth in the art and science of selling.

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Joe Young Says Treat Your Sales Career Entrepreneurially for Optimal Success

Payroll Network's Joe Young's sales career was highlighted with success in the financial services, technology and sports marketing industries. Listen to some great stories of how he thought as an entrepreneur to grow his career.

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Former College Basketball Star Tory Clark Offers Great Advice on How to Achieve Sales Success

We interviewed Cintas Sales Game Changer Tory Clark at a Cosi in Arlington, VA. He's a highly-motivated sales leader who gave great ideas into how to achieve success from the start!

Listen to Tory's Podcast

Kimpton Hotel's Telesa Via Reveals What's Critical for Sales Career Success

Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Sales Vice President Telesa offers insight into how to take your career to the highest heights by setting goals, developing a strategy and executing the plan.

Listen to Telesa's Podcast!

Close Deals Faster Author John Asher Highlights the 6 Closing Principles and other Critical Sales Lessons

"Close Deals Faster" author John Asher offers some gems on how to tap into your prospect's "old" brain in order to be more successful in today's challenging sales world. Check out this content-rich podcast here!

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AT&T Public Sector Sales Leader Anthony Robbins Addressed How to Bring Value to Customers

AT&T Public Sector sales leader Anthony Robbins offered ideas on the need to continue bringing valuable insights to customers who are going through major transformations. His podcast can be found here.

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WTOP's Jeffrey Wolinsky Discusses Why Presentation is Much More Important in Sales than Documentation

WTOP's Jeffrey Wolinsky has spent his whole career in sales. He's seen the media business change over the 17 years he's been at WTOP, the nation's most profitable radio station.

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Let's Get Right to It with the Daily Caller's Alex Treadway

Alex spoke about his commitment to helping communicators achieve their goals. Although a self-proclaimed fan of Hubert Humphrey, Alex helps the right-leaning media company and The Daily Caller achieve its goals. Learn how he does it!

Listen to Alex's Podcast Now.

Tableau Sales Exec Sarah Lash Gives Insights into How Millennials are Achieving Success Today

Tableau sales vice president Sarah Lash gave great insights into how millennials are achieving success in sales. What are some of the things you should be doing to ensure their success? Learn from Sarah.

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Great Insights from Kevin Carr, Sales VP at Nexus

Kevin Carr has had a tremendous career in software sales across many large and dynamic companies. He shared insights into how sales professionals need to focus on skills development to grow their careers. His episode can be found here.

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Our First Podcast with Learning Tree's Brian Green

We conducted our first podcast in 2015 when it was called the Sales Leader Profile podcast. Our first  guest was Brian Green, Senior VP of Sales at Learning Tree International. Brian dropped value bombs left and right about what's necessary to become a sales leader. His podcast can be found here.

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TrackMaven's Tim Koubek Tells Sales Leaders to Learn, Earn and Return

Tim Koubek offered some great insights into managing young sales professionals, lessons he learned from world-class mentors and how his firm TrackMaven strives to supply significant value to marketers. Check out this wide-ranging podcast here!

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Have a Sales Leader Candidate for the Podcast?

IES Executive Director Fred Diamond interviews dozens of sales leaders each month to be on the Sales Game Changers Podcast. Have a candidate for Fred to interview? If so, let us know!

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PowertoFly's Caroline Turner Offered Valuable Tips for Women in Sales

PowertoFly Chief Revenue Officer Caroline Turner shared powerful insights on how women in sales can take their careers to the next level. Formerly with Bloomberg and CEB, she provided wonderful insights on sales effectiveness. Her episode aired on October 13.

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Great Insights from Heather Combs, CRO at 3Pillar Global

When we launched the Sales Game Changers podcast in Fall of 2017, we did not waste any time interviewing world-class sales leaders. One of the first was Heather Combs. She shared powerful insights into how to stay sharp and how to keep being as successful as possible.

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Want to Grow Your Sales and Improve Performance? Join the IES!

Join the IES to help your sales team improve performance and grow sales. The IES is the leading sales organization for B2B sales leaders and teams. We are all about growth in the art and science of selling.

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Maestro Group's Will Fuentes Spoke about the 40/20 Rule

Sales and Retail Expert Will Fuentes spoke about how the using the 40/20 most effectively will help you grow your sales career. Essentially how you use the 20 when you're not "working" is a determinant in how well your career will go. His episode aired on October 16.

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Sales Leader Paul Keefe has Led Numerous Teams to Great Success

Dataprise Sales Exec Paul Keefe has had a rich career with great success in telecom and tech services. Listen to his insights here.

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Institute for Excellence in Sales Helps You Identify the Ideal Sales Speaker or Training Solution

The Institute for Excellence in Sales is your trusted partner for sales training, speakers, services and programs. Learn more today about the IES programs for sales leaders and their teams now!

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Welcome to the Sales Game Changers Podcast

Sales Game Changers is a high-energy audio podcast where Institute for Excellence in Sales co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top Business to Business sales leaders. On the podcast, they discuss their journey, career highlights and offer tips for emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers.

Fred Diamond is an engaging, energetic professional who spent time as an in-demand party DJ when he started his career. This experience, coupled with his rich experience as a senior marketing and sales professional at Apple, Compaq, and as a consultant to hundreds of high-growth software and tech firms, bodes well for an exceptional podcast experience.

The 21-25 minute podcast is high energy, crisp and entertaining. It is offered three days a week. Subscribe to the podcast here!

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