Learn more about the Sales Game Changers podcast today. We interview top sales leaders from the across the globe three days a week to get tips for sales professionals who want to grow their careers. Learn from the best on this podcast!

What's the basic premise of the podcast?

Sales Game Changers is a high-energy audio podcast where Institute for Excellence in Sales co-founder Fred Diamond interviews top sales leaders in the Business to Business world. On the podcast, thesales leaders discuss their journey, career highlights and offer tips for emerging sales professionals and leaders to grow their careers.

What is the Introduction you're using for the podcast?

Thanks for asking! "

–Welcome to the Sales Game Changers podcast with FRED DIAMOND, co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales. Join Fred as he interviews TOP SALES LEADERS from the around the world – three days a week- seeking insights, information and best practices to help YOU sell more, find NEW opportunities, and grow your career. Let's do it NOW!“

What is the Outro?

–Thank you for listening to the Sales Game Changers podcast with your host Fred Diamond. Go to salesgamechangerspodcast.com for show notes and more information on today’s guest. Subscribe to the podcast to get tips and advice from sales leaders around the globe to help you take your sales to the next level. Thanks for listening. Take care and go sell.

How long is the podcast and when does it air?

The 21-25 minute podcast is high energy, crisp and entertaining. It is offered three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Summarize the podcast for me?

Ok. Want to take your sales career to the highest level possible? Learn what the Sales Game Changers did to achieve the highest level of success. How did they do it? What did they learn along the way? And take away tips you can implement today to emulate their success and achieve greatness in sales!

What questions does Fred ask the guests?

  • How’d you first get into sales as a career?
  • What exactly do you sell today and tell us what excites you about that?
  • What key lessons did you learn from your first few sales jobs?
  • Who was an impactful sales career mentor and how did they impact your career?
  • What is the number one specific sales success or win from your career that you’re most proud of? Take us back to that moment.
  • You’ve had a great career in sales. Did you ever question being in sales? Was there ever a moment where you thought to yourself, it’s too hard or just not for me?
  • What is the most important thing you want to get across to junior selling professionals to help them improve their career?
  • What are some things you do to “sharpen your saw” and stay fresh?
  • What’s a major initiative you’re working on today to ensure your continued success?
  • Sales is hard. People don’t return your calls or your emails. Why have you continued? What is it about sales as a career that keeps you going?
  • What’s a final thought you can share to inspire our listeners today?


My sales leader is a Sales Game Changer and should be a guest! How can they apply to be on the podcast?

Great. Send an email to Fred Diamond and we'll consider the application!